• At all times, students must respect and obey the instructor and other higher-ranking belts and show respect for the Dojo (school).
  • Conduct yourself in a formal, respectful manner at all times when in the school.
  • Do not interfere in any way with class in progress.
  • At no time engage in horseplay on the training area or in the school.
  • Keep hands and feet off the walls and mirrors.
  • Unnecessary roughness, crude language, or display of ill-temper is forbidden.
  • Always observe mat etiquette in the training area, including bowing when entering or leaving the school and wearing an approved uniform in the training area.
  • No chewing gum or food is allowed on the mat or training area.
  • No one under the influence alcohol or a prohibited substance may train.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the school.


  • Prompt attendance is expected. If you are unavoidably late, follow the late procedure as directed. Kneel in seiza on the edge of the mat and perform two slow bows. wait for acknowledgment from the instructor before joining the class.
  • Repeated late attendance will result in not being allowed into class.
  • All students must show proper respect to instructors and fellow students.
  • During sparring and training students are to be careful not to make contact through neglect or carelessness. Contact due to carelessness is a serious offence.
  • You may ask questions during class by raising your hand and waiting to be recognized.
  • Contradicting instructors or complaining during class is strongly discouraged. Instructors are happy to discuss any issues individually away from the class.
  • Instructors are to be addressed with their appropriate title. It is proper ettiquette to bow to your instructor before and after speaking with them.
  • You may not chew gum, talk, swear, put your hands on your hips, or lean against the walls at any point during class.


  • Always conduct yourself in a manner befitting your art and your club.
  • Refrain from making critical comments about other styles, students or instructors.


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