XMA is a relatively new style of martial arts taking the world by storm. It is a dynamic mixture of traditional and freestyle martial arts, gymnastics, traditional weapons (nun chuku, sai, bo, kama), high kicks, tricks and high energy techniques. 

It has been popularised by box office hit movies such as Shark Boy & Lava Girl, Spy Kids and Ong Bak to name a few. Tournament circuits worldwide have divisions for this style providing an opportunity for martial arts students to express their creativity and perform highly choreographed routines.

XMA weapons enhance hand eye speed, and co-ordination improving skill, confidence and flexibility of participants. The Xtreme weapons design is based on traditional Okinawan weapons but their construction has been upgraded to modern light weight materials suitable for spinning, throwing and catching at high speeds.

Our BBMA Xtreme Team teach and perform with bo, kama, sai, nunchaku and swords.

These stunning movements attain the goal of capturing the crowd, improving physical agility, balance, strength, coordination, and endurance, as well as performing an artistic display of talent.


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