High School Karate Programs

BBMA has been teaching Martial Arts in Central Coast Schools for over 30 years. We have taught thousands of pre school to high school children who love learning karate and kickboxing. Along with the benefits of focus, respect, confidence and practical self defence skills.

It is well recognised the overall benefits of martial arts, however there has been numerous studies pointing towards an improvement in academic, cognitive and social development.

We offer a range of school programs including school sport, rock and water, after school programs, PDHPE/PASS, school talks, school fetes and BBMA Scholarships. Please see below for a more detailed description of each program:

School Sport

This will generally run the length of a term and can be on school premises or students can attend our facility in Kincumber. The school sports program has an emphasis on health, fitness and creating a balanced lifestyle while teaching the basic martial arts principles in a fun and dynamic format.

$11 per student minimum 10 students

School Fetes

BBMA has a long standing reputation supporting school communities in their fetes, fundraisers and open days. We can provide a booth with a ninja star activity and prize wheel. We also have a performance team for martial arts demonstrations and education.

Free 30 Minute Session

Our free sports session introduces students to the principals of karate and focuses on elements such as resilience, discipline, confidence and self control. We cover a variety of topics depending on age such as:

1) Age appropriate self defence including the three primary principals: Recognise, avoid and defend

2) Basic fitness drills and martial arts skills

3) Exercises to improve students confidence, self discipline and resilience

Rock and Water Program

Originally developed in the Netherlands in conjunction with the University of Newcastle Rock and Water is a behavioural program based on martial principles of grounding, centering, breath control and self control. It has been taught to over 15 000 teachers and youth workers in Australia since 1998.

Programs include teacher training, boys and girls specific syllabus. 1 hour to six week courses available.

After School Program

50% of fees donated back to the school.

This is a short course life skills program based on the principles of self-discipline, respect and listening skills inherent in the martial arts. It is conducted after school on the school premises. It can be organised through existing after school care or separately as a fundraiser for the school where BBMA will donate 50% of fees students pay back to the school.

$30 per student 4 x 30 minutes sessions, minimum 10 students

BBMA Scholarships

BBMA offers a scholarship at any of our dojos with a value of $2500 for your school to award a nominated student for academic, social or physical excellence. The scholarship includes:

  • 12 months tuition in our leadership program
  • Up to 4 karate lessons per week
  • Free uniform


BBMA’s in school programs can be specifically linked to the PDHPE or PASS syllabus and can be run during the PDHPE/PASS class times

The BBMA sports programs work in conjunction with the theory components of the PASS syllabus. It enhances students understanding of how and why we move and how to enhance effectiveness and enjoyment of movement leading to improved quality of life for themselves and others.

The in school programs can also be tied into the three areas of the PDHPE syllabus; self-management, interpersonal and movement to improve students abilities to live healthy, safe and active lives.

$12 per student, per session minimum 10 students

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“Out of all the benefits that karate has brought to my life, it played a paramount role in my HSC year. Going to karate twice a week helped me regain my energy during these demanding periods, and overall allowed me to live a more balanced life. Doing exercise, learning different skills and being part of the BBMA community allowed me to concentrate on a different aspect of my life that didn’t involve calculations, statistics or those dreaded essays.”

– Tania, ATAR 93.25