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Kids and Teens Karate

At BBMA we teach traditional Shotokan Karate in a disciplined but social and friendly environment. This provides a wide range of benefits for kids and teenagers:

Our karate program produces outstanding young adults who are leaders in their schools and communities.


Karate, School and the HSC


For many students the final years of school can cause stress and anxiety. Students studying for exams tend to give up their current sports and not start new activities, instead substituting extra curricular activities with late night studying. It is important to focus on studying smarter and staying involved in sports and social activities in order to maintain mental health and balance.

Many of our students say that before or during year 12 is a great time to start or continue your martial arts journey. Martial arts improves brain function, provides an opportunity to productively escape studying and is a fantastic strategy for stress relief and improving overall wellbeing.


“Out of all the benefits that karate has brought to my life, it played a paramount role in my HSC year. Going to karate twice a week helped me regain my energy during those demanding periods, and overall allowed me to live a more balanced life. Doing exercise, learning different skills and being part of the BBMA community allowed me to concentrate on a different aspect of my life that didn’t involve calculations, statistics or those dreaded essays”

Tania Bianchi
ATAR: 93.25


“Kickboxing and karate was the most beneficial activity to participate in during the HSC. It provided me with strategies to manage stress . It also ensured that I spent at least two hours per week being present and mindful of what I was doing instead of worrying about the next exam or assignment. While many of my peers quit their sports and activities to focus on the HSC, I wouldn’t have achieved the results I got and maintained my mental health throughout the HSC without martial arts.”

Shaylan Petersen
ATAR: 85.1

“Ava’s self confidence has grown since starting and her strength has improved, also your service is Great! Very Happy.”
“Joe is really enjoying Karate and loves coming each week. That is testament to how much fun you guys make it.”
“All the teachers have been fantastic and Jasper talks about all of them a lot. They are all doing a great job and have really helped with his confidence.”
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