Matayoshi Kobudo

Traditional Weapons

Kobudo is the ancient art of Okinawan weaponary. At BBMA we teach the art that has been handed down from the Matayoshi family since the early 1900s.

Training in Kobudo will improve strength, balance, coordination, dexterity and fitness. Kobudo is also a low impact activity which makes it ideal for anyone who has always wanted to study a martial art but thought they couldn’t because of age or chronic injury.

The traditional Okinawan weapons we teach are bo, sai, tunkwa, nunchaku, eku, kama, kua and tinbe.

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“Love the positive feel to the dojo”
"Whether for your children or yourself I would recommend BBMA Karate. As a parent who took up a special family offer, I have refreshed my ideas of what I can and should do at my age. Taking karate and physically doing things I did not think I could do and learning new things. I feel I have expanded my options in life by challenging my view of what I should do at my age."
"You have all done a great job. You truly believe in what you teach and it shows. I recommend BBMA to all I know. It is great to see kids, adults, some with disabilities, have a go. I like your discipline in punctuality and cleanliness of the school. I am still astounded at how your staff remember everyone's name"
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