Martial Arts - Karate for Families

At BBMA Kincumber we have a long tradition of families training together and many go on to achieve their black belts at the same time.

Although our classes are specialised for age, by the time your child is 7 or 8 you can train along side them in our family oriented classes.

Even our scheduling is family friendly where your preschooler and early primary school child can be in class room one having their specialised age class while you enjoy your class in class room two.

We even have families of 3 generations training with us. As we like to say “A family that Kicks together sticks together.”


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Wonderful Lil' Dragons program. Sensei Josh is absolutely fantastic with the children; his teaching skills and engagement of these young children is amazing to watch. I've found myself looking to his behaviours and manner as a gold standard for teaching, parenting, as well as karate of course!
Georgina Frost
A fun learning environment for children and adults to learn karate
Milly Brown
My kids have attended BBMA for around 5 years and each are well into their karate journey. Through a real and genuine commitment from the team at BBMA Kincumber they've developed a healthy attitude towards the sport, their own personal development and their community. I couldn't recommend BBMA Kincumber to any parent highly enough.
Brett Venables