Pre School Karate Programs

Free 30 Minute Interactive Session

Our fun, interactive lessons take about 30 minutes and we cover a variety of topics such as:

1) The 3 skills of listening: Focusing your eyes, your mind and your body

2) Personal space – Everybody has one. We respect others space, and how to ask others to respect our own

3) The 3 Primary principles of self defence: Recognise, avoid and defend

6 Week Program - 30 minute class each week

Boost your preschool class with our Six-Week Karate Program! This program expands on the content of the 30 minute free session. It also teaches resilience, respect, focus, and teamwork through engaging karate activities. Our sessions are designed to complement your educational goals, promoting physical, emotional, and social development.

$20 per student minimum 10 students

Dojo Excursion

We can run either our 30 minute interactive session or our 6 week program in our martial arts facility. This provides an opportunity to break up the children’s day. It also helps them to get used to following instructions in a new environment assisting with school readiness.

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